Coaching Across Cultures

Cultural differences could seem a challenge in many ways. However, when these cultural differences are understood constructively, these differences can provide inquisitiveness and learning thereby making every interaction richer. In today’s intercultural environment it is all the more required to include cultural dimension into coaching as it provides an opportunity to learn from various cultural perspective.

It is often a perception that an American model of management is more accepted and hence the right way. Thereby ignoring the other cultural styles of management. However in coaching relationships instead of ignoring the cultural divides it could be seen as an opportunity to embrace the diversity. It does not have to be either this culture or that culture it can be both. For example in the Indian culture the relationship between people and their environment is of dominant propensity for harmony with their environment; however the American view is largely of domination to control its environment.

This philosophy of valuing the cultural wisdoms rather than imposing norms, values or beliefs, opens up a new dimension in unleashing the human potential. For example if the client’s culture considers ’time is as scarce resource’; the coach could consider introducing the view of ‘time as abundant’, an outlook other cultures cherish. This could help clients broaden their prospective and hence considering more possibilities.

The cross-cultural environment provides a unique chance to step outside one’s comfort zone thereby experimenting with changing some of the behaviors.

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