Welcome to Insta Technologies!
Today when the world is busy working on most innovative startup ideas, Insta Tech takes an initiative to help startups get onto their feet faster and with very little involvement of innovators. Thus allowing innovators to completely focus on innovative ideas and yet their venture comes up as innovators wanted the professional way.


Though a lot has been offered by Government of India to promote startups, it may still need a lot in terms of expert support and as many hands to realise one’s dream. We offer over 2 decades of industry experience and expertise across various industries to support you with all services around your big idea to help you start as fast and as smoothly as possible.

Digital Presence

A positive digital presence is paramount today for company’s success. Most of the action is happening online. Digital presence offers a number of benefits; 1) Creates visibility 2) Establish authority 3) Builds rapport 4) Provides Reach 5) Cost effective marketing 6) target your audience 7) measure marketing impact

To go digital and do it the right way, it needs a well-thought­-out and flexible plan. We’ll help you with, 1) setting realistic expectations 2) tracking and measuring how you’re doing 3) adapting to changes in technology and your industry.

Marketing & Advertising

With business inputs from you, we create a marketing and advertising strategy for your business. Accordingly, we promote your business through all or some of the following channels 1) online social media i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ etc. 2) Email Campaign 3) WhatsApp campaign 4) SMS campaign 5) Print media 6) Outdoor advertising etc. And this along with analytics to measure the impact.

Consulting & Coaching

We undertake consulting assignments to offer our two decades of experience and expertise across various industries and geographies. Our consulting services offer quick turnaround through research, knowledge, strategy, and execution of project plans.

When the conflicts and dilemmas are inside you when the fight is more internal, our coaching services have helped clients take decisive actions for success. Coaching can bring the change that one needs to unleash one’s potential to the fullest.